The moment you complete your graduation, you’ve got to answer the most dreaded question of the time: What’s next? Should you start your job hunting? Or opt for a Post Graduation program? Or pack your bags and head to the mountains?

Let’s assume, after weighing the pros and cons, you’ve zeroed in on pursuing a Post Graduation program in the field of Management. Before getting lost in the vast maze of Management Specializations, this career path divulges in two: MBA and PGDM.

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a management diploma program offered by AICTE recognized autonomous colleges, while, Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a management degree program offered only by colleges that are affiliated to universities.

If you are considering opting for a PGDM program, then read along; for we have listed below are a few advantages of PGDM over an MBA:

More Practical Exposure: While an MBA has a theoretic approach, PGDM has a more practical approach. Its dynamic nature lays emphasis on building soft skills. A PGDM program highlights the development of entrepreneurship qualities in students pursuing it.

Industry Oriented Course: A PGDM course is aimed at imparting managerial and executive skills to its students. Top B-Schools generally organize seminars and workshops for their students. They also arrange for guest speakers from the industry to deliver expert lectures.

Flexibility: PGDM, being the offering of an autonomous university, is more flexible in nature than an MBA program. They have the liberty to design their own curriculum and change it to keep up with the times.

Experienced Faculty: Private institutes often offer their faculty better salary packages and other benefits than government run institutes. Besides, the reputation of the institute lies in the hands of its faculty. Thus, the best lecturers are offered jobs at private management colleges (either as visiting or in-house faculty.)

Students are Job Ready: A PGDM program is tailor made to mould students for the corporate world. The course curriculum is designed bearing corporate standards and operation in mind. The functioning of PGDM is more job-oriented than an MBA.

Better Placements: Good placements are all that students wish for after the completion of any graduation or post graduation program. Since institutes offering PGDM are private institute, they like being affiliated with corporate biggies. Hence, one can be assured of getting placed at a good company.

Financial Aid: If you are already working in the corporate industry and wish to pursue a master’s degree in management, chances are your company will sponsor your higher education or provide you with financial aid. Your company may be affiliated with a private management institute; hence, you don’t have to worry about the fees.

College Matters: When it comes to a management degree, the college / institute awarding it matters the most. Employers are more likely to consider the institute than the degree itself. It is necessary to select a reputed institute like Jamnalal Bajaj, IIM, XLRI, etc. which will give you a good return on your investment.

MBA or PGDM, whichever of the two you choose, you must complete it with hard work and dedication!

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