Why industry interfaces are important?
For under graduate students, b-schools offer the platform to obtain the essential and excellent tool of decision making skills and acquire premium knowledge about several business environment dimensions. In the present scenario, obtaining a college degree has become must and so b-schools provide you with the valuable knowledge and skills irrespective of the choice of field chosen further as a career. Marketability and bankability of students are thus promoted by b-schools before entering the corporate world. But in today’s immensely competitive and sophisticated business world, the question arises that can just class room learning be efficient enough to suffice the needs of hot job options? Will it be potential enough to brand yourself and acquire career prospects with handsome pay package? The significance of ‘industry interface’ approaches under these circumstances.

The management institutions confer practical knowledge and learning experience to the management students through industry interface. The tie ups of academic institutes with industries help serve the purpose of the two. Institutes conducting MDP programs, faculty undertaking consulting projects, live cases taken up by students and faculty with industry and not to forget the revision of curriculum in association with industry are some examples of the industry interface.

One of the elements of b-schools’ brand building is industry interface which reflects on academic capital of schools. Students being a part of industry interface are inspired on taking up internships in good companies. Based on classroom learning experience students undertaking internships are entailed to acquire knowledge about the company they are working in and deal with the employees and the heads of all departments throughout their internship. This facilitates sharing of knowledge on several business dimensions through communication developing a link between industry and classroom knowledge. B-schools provide the less experienced students with the essential extra mileage to prove out perfectly for the competitive business world’s expectations undertaking the ‘classroom to industry’ programs.

Thus industry interface plays a key role in rapidly changing business scenario facilitating the b-schools and students to maintain pace with the business world that will ultimately foster them in achieving good employment opportunities and a resourceful career.