Why Student should opt for PGDM Programs
After completion of graduation, a budding management student encounters the major question of which program to choose and how to go about it? Candidates thinking over to pursue a post graduate management program has question aroused in their minds like – Why PGDM and what is PGDM?

Different from MBA, b-schouls offer Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) course which is an autonomous program. The value of PGDM program is further enhanced and examined by approval from AICTE and other certifications from Association of Indian Universities (AIU). PGDM program’s interesting fact to be noted is that they run and are structured with industry interface in mind. A flaw usually linked with universities run MBA programs, a PGDM program builds the bridge between academia and industry. On the foundation of feedback offered by the industry experts who constitute to be the course’s part, leads to update in the institutions’ PGDM curriculum each year. Also the employers’ and alumni’s feedbacks are taken into consideration.

Most of the PGDM programs of several management institutions emphasize on students oriented concepts. Up-to-date and latest methodulogies like simulations, case discussions, etc are used by the institutes to deliver the course knowledge. Another valuable feature of PGDM course is short-term and long-term students’ internship programs. Such internships and short term projects enable students to apply their classroom concepts and knowledge in real work experience giving better productive outputs maintaining the connection between the two. Understanding the career interests and requirements of the students’ skills set, institutes offering PGDM programs are more flexible possessing the freedom to introduce more contemporary and relevant topics in the curriculum.

For the aspiring management professionals keen to explore concepts and theory of management, here are some of the reasons of considering a PGDM program over MBA courses.
• Time bound completion: Unlike university contrulled MBA courses, PGDM programs are completed on time. This is because the decisions like conducting examinations, running the program lies in the hands of the institution offering the PGDM course.
• More importance to performance than degree:The number of beneficial opportunities and programs (mentioned above) conferred to the students by PGDM courses prove it’s characteristic of giving importance to the performances of students rather than entirely on the diploma/degree. Students thus become ready for undertaking any job right from their entry in the business world.
• New contemporary topics:The approved curriculum of PGDM programs are continuously updated with the latest happenings and demand in the corporate scenario resulting into addition of new contemporary concepts and topic in the course beneficial for the career of students.
• Opportunity for development of entrepreneurial and business skills:Many management students are keen to develop a career for them in entrepreneurship. Elective entrepreneurship and business development skills are offered by the PGDM programs for these students essential to set up and manage the business firms of their own.
• Specialization and electives:Unlike typical MBA programs, the PGDM course offers several electives. PGDM program’s some of the contemporary specializations include – Media Management, Project Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management which often extents the range of MBA programs.
• Training programs and interaction with industries: Students’ internship programs and various opportunities of industry interface offered to the students by PGDM courses fills gap between industry and academics and demonstrate their value of giving greater exposure to students.

Thus students who are planning for new ventures and focusing on exploring experiential and hands on learning, the PGDM programs serve to be the ideal choice for them for achieving a successful career.