Why AICTE Approval is important for MBA Institutes in India?
We are well aware of the fact that the professional MBA course in India has acquired a tremendous demand for it among the youth. This has obviously led to an increase in the number of MBA schools in the country. Presently, India has 1800 B-schools with varying quality of education offered and imparted on the students. This raises a crucial question for you to decide - which b-school will be appropriate for you to enroll that will provide you with the essential features nurturing your fruitful career?

To solve this problem of budding MBA students, there are three categories in which the India’s b-schools are divided - Autonomous B-schools, University B-schools run by State or Private Sector Universities and All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) approved B-schools. Among these, AICTE is the vital criteria one should consider before enrolling in any B-school. A national level government body, AICTE assesses the quality and standard of a B-school’s technical education based on the set quality parameters of Indian government and then grants approval for the institutions. Thus rather than preferring a college without AICTE approval, students without any hesitance can enroll in colleges being approved from AICTE. Also the newly originated B-school and institutes operate on the government quality standards for imparting education on students to procure the AICTE approval.

AICTE approval or AICTE approved colleges not only confer you with the satisfaction of excellent quality of education but also assists you with acquiring education loans from these colleges on being enrolled. Also it promotes your possibility of procuring public sector jobs and develops and raises your capability for applying for further education.

If you are looking forward for getting admitted in an MBA college, it is very essential to ensure the B-school’s affiliations and approval in advance. There are some B-schools who in their campus conduct other non-AICTE programs. So it becomes extremely imperative to check the AICTE approval before taking admission in any of the MBA colleges.