Tips To Crack MBA Entrance Examination
Students who are preparing to appear for the entrance examinations such as CAT/MAT and the nervousness of those 150 minutes performance is creating pressure on you, then this article is for you. In this article you will get some time saving valuable tips for your language comprehension.
These entrance examinations are nothing, but the aptitude tests designed to judge your mental equilibrium, who can clear the qualifying criteria for each section. To achieve that is not an impossible task the basic calculation skills and good time management. So, prioritize your goals and start working towards them. You should start preparing at the beginning of the year. Create a list of colleges as a motivating factor and stick your timetable at the side of your desk and make a point that you follow it strictly.

The MBA entrance examination
Follow the same models of questions and judges the candidate in four basic areas –
• verbal ability,
• quantitative ability
• data interpretation
• Logical reasoning.

The MBA entrance examination contains 5 sections with MCQ’s as follows:
• Language comprehension
• Mathematical Skills
• Data Analysis and Sufficiency
• Intelligence and Critical reasoning
• Indian and Global environment”.

The test held for 150 minutes and with five sections with the different levels of difficulty. You have to manage these 150 minutes between all the sections.
This article will help you to evaluate how you can get the best out of the Language Comprehension.
Firstly, be a vivacious reader. When you transform from BBA to MBA you are expected to be familiar to a host of issues of the industry and it will enhance your vocabulary skills. Practice learning five new words every day and try making meaningful sentences with these words and keep revising them once a week.

• In language comprehension read the questions first, note down the key words in the questions and while reading the passage pay attention to the marked words. This avoids the problem of reading the passage again and again.
• Concentrate on the speed reading practice. Here are some tips for speed reading practice For Reading Comprehension Skills you need:

• Knowledge – (a) Content knowledge (b) Strategic knowledge and (c) meta-cognitive knowledge
• Analytical ability
• Reading range and Memory.

Let’s discuss some tips to build better comprehension skills:
Remember that you are not expected to know all the words and their meanings. There would be stress on some words or sentences in that case you should read it again. So the question is, how be able to absorb the core meaning of the passage?
Knowledge: You need to build up three types of knowledge for building comprehension skills

Content knowledge: this relates to your prior knowledge and familiarity of content, etc. Developing a reading habit is enough to build familiarity in diverse topics.

Strategic knowledge: Observations while reading, you should notice the prose structure used by certain authors, even in certain newspapers, enables us to determine the writing style.

Meta cognitive knowledge: Ability to judge yourself whether you are able to understand what you are reading.

Analytical ability: Sometimes even after understanding the complete passage you fail to answer the questions. For such situation, you need the ability to anticipate the meaning. In other words, you will have to listen to whatever is left unspoken and understand the true meaning. Building this analytical skill can only be attained through constant practice.

Range and depth of reading:
Your intensity of reading will directly impact your capability of reading comprehension. Be open to read on all types of topics, do not limit yourself in the choice of your favorite subject. You should read everything that comes your way irrespective of choice.
Memory: The MBA entrance exam is not about having the capability of an extraordinary memory. It is all about accessing your existing levels of knowledge. Your current knowledge is used in creating new information. As you read the passage, simultaneously old information will be accessed.
We have focused on some effective methods to build your strong comprehension skills, you will be able to successfully derive good results in this section, in 30 minutes time. All the best!