Residential Campus B-Schools: A Unique Learning Experience

The beauty of college life cannot be described by any combination of words. Waking up early each morning only to doze in class, chatting for long hours after class, chilling in the canteen and that “college talk” no outsider can understand, is just a short summary of college life.

How we wished for time to freeze, then! If commuting to college everyday was fun imagine how much fun living on campus will be!

When it comes to choosing a management college, not everyone is in favour of a Residential Campus B-School. Studying miles away from home is not everyone’s cup of tea. For those who have their qualms regarding Residential Campus B-Schools, we’ve listed below some of its features that will surely help you see it differently:

Unique Learning Experience: The exposure and experience that Residential Campus B-Schools offer cannot be compared to another. You not only learn the syllabus, but also life skills. You gain maturity while becoming independent and responsible. You develop your social and communication skills. Moreover, you develop the required confidence to face worldly challenges.

Diversity: One of the best features of a Residential Campus B-School is its diversity. Students from across the country come to the same institute for education. You learn their culture while they learn yours. Thus, you gain exposure to a various cultures, making you ready to function in any market.

Devote the required time to education: In ancient India, princes left their palaces and headed to the woods in the pursuit of education. This arrangement was made so that they could devote all their time to education without letting worldly distractions affect them. The study of management involves discussions, workshops, debates, etc. You can’t gain much knowledge by spending only a few hours in college. To reap the benefits of a management course, you need to divert all your time and energy to it.

Networking: Living on the same campus for a couple of years, you are certainly going to build ties with others. You get an opportunity to interact informally with your classmates, seniors and teachers. Management courses are designed in a way to help you build useful networks. The contacts that you establish in these 2 years will surely help you in the long run.

Hassle free living: When you opt for a Residential Campus B-School, you stay in the vicinity of your class. You are free from the hassle of travelling in crowded public transportation or braving the traffic on the streets. Besides, you would not reach late to class. Also, you need not worry about your food. You can have stomach full meals at reasonable rates in the hostel mess (some institutes also include mess charges in the fees.) Also, cleaning and maintenance is taken care of by hostel authorities. Some also offer complimentary laundry services.

Some renowned institutes like Indian Institute of Management (IIMs), Xavier School of Management (XLRI, Jamshedpur), Institute for Future Education Entrepreneurship and Leadership (iFEEL, Lonavala), etc. offer residential management programs for those seeking higher education to enhance their career.

Residential Campus B-Schools allow work and play to intertwine, triggering innovation led learning.