PGDM programs have edge over MBA & PGPM degrees
After completing graduation, many students have confusion in their mind regarding which management degree to choose - MBA, PGDM or PGPM? Here’s a complete evaluation of the three degrees and their comparison easing your choice of opting for suitable degree.

What is MBA?
Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is a master’s degree offered by UGC approved universities. A typically 2years full-time course, MBA programs expose students to several areas of business like finance, accounting, marketing, strategy, human resource, operations and many other competitive fields.

What is PGDM?
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a diploma degree issued by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) recognized institutions. Institutions and b-schools offering PGDM course are autonomous body with industry-oriented curriculum. Being an autonomous body, it has maximum flexibility and constantly keeps updating the PGDM course’s curriculum as per the industry demand. PGDM courses emphasizes on developing leadership and entrepreneurship qualities along with managerial toolkit into the students. It provides similar specialization with that offered by MBA programs and is at the par with the quality of education imparted on students pursuing an MBA degree. PGDM is basically two years full-time program that keeps students updated with the current business trends and scenario making them work-ready.

What is PGPM?
Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) is not a degree rather just a certificate awarded presenting the successful completion of Post Graduate Programme in Management in particular institution. A typical one-two year’s program, PGPM program are generally offered by institutions without any affiliation with university. It fails to possess any sort of recognitions and doesn’t facilitate you to take up further studies like doctorate level programme in management.

MBA programs basically focus on developing managerial skills, techniques, strategies into students whereas PGDM programs with its innovative approach highlights on development of leadership and entrepreneurship qualities along with imparting managerial and executive skills. The curriculum of MBA course is more inclined towards offering theoretical knowledge while PGDM programs offer students with greater industrial exposure.

MBA programs lags behind PGDM programs in terms of adapting and adopting. The curriculum of MBA programs largely depends on university while PGDM programs being offered by autonomous body design its own curriculum and thus enjoys the flexibility to constantly update the curriculum as per industry requirements through its industry-integrated approach.

The curriculum of MBA programs along with teaching methodologies are not updated as per industry requirements. However PGDM programs meet industry requirements along with additional features like English classes, personality development, etc along with the course. Thus students possessing PGDM degrees are more likely to grab hot job opportunities with the essential experience and knowledge. Hence PGDM programs offers fast-paced career growth as compared to MBA programs and turns out to be the intelligent choice between the two.

PGDM programs are AICTE approved and thus holds greater importance from non-recognized PGPM courses. Thus failing to possess any recognition, PGPM program carry very less importance and development opportunities.
PGDM is a degree that enables you to pursue higher education like Ph.D but completing a PGPM program does not facilitates you to opt for higher studies. Students pursuing PGPM program possess very low chance of getting job opportunities while a PGDM degree elevates your capability to grab best potential career options raising your bankability and marketability both nationally and internationally. As PGPM program does not acquire any approval, the quality of education imparted on students can be a major question. While AICTE approved PGDM programs are universally accepted and offers superior education quality as per AICTE standards. Hence acquiring a fruitful PGDM degree from top b-schools proves to be a brilliant solution for climbing the ladder of corporate success at an earlier stage and making an edge over MBA and PGPM programs.