MIT Media Lab, USA workshop held at Weschool, Mumbai (Jan 27 – Feb 1, 2014)
The Media Lab India Initiative is an effort by students and alumni from the MIT Media Lab to bring together a community of makers and creators across India, and to facilitate collaboration and sharing of ideas across boundaries of disciplines, institutions and culture. The goal is to create an environment much like at the MIT Media Lab, an environment that fosters creative exploration of ideas. Various colleges across India participated in the event. Students from various colleges were selected and were a part of this Workshop.

The workshop was conducted at Welingkar Institute of Management (Weschool). One of the first entrant to this workshop was . 6 Students from (Institute for future education, entrepreneurship & leadership) were selected out of 1000s of other students to participate in this workshop. students worked with over 380 students and corporate and were mentored by over 20 faculty, researchers and designers from the MIT Media Lab and Weschool. students worked on tracks such as 'ICICI Future of Banking”, 'Performance Capture', Design for Creative Learning, and Imaging Experiences. students worked with engineers, designers, computer programmers, artists, management graduates and created “working prototypes' of futuristic products. If interested in taking the idea ahead they will receive guidance from the MIT Media Lab and Weschool apart from .

With advancement in technology and lot of impetus given on innovation, MIT Media Lab workshops certainly adds an advantage to students. In today’s world corporate are looking for innovators & creators, and such platforms helps students to develop their innovative & creative skills.

B Schools like certainly understands the importance of these workshops and encourage their students to participate and horn their skills.