International engagement is a must for management students
Post-globalization has witnessed tremendous increase in the number of new companies entering the global corporate world. This has added further competition in the already existing cut-throat scenario. Every company irrespective of their levels are striving their best for their survival, success and goodwill in the global marketplace. This calls out for excellent potential managers who are multi-tasking accompanied with the importance of capabilities and skills to handle tasks not only at national level but also to do wonders at international horizons. This becomes possible only with the help of international engagements in management programs.

Management degrees, be it an MBA or PGDM is known to equip students with essential managerial, strategic and analytical toolkit along with addressing them with the current trends and alterations in the global business scenario. However some of the institutions offering management programs miss out on the key factor of global engagement in their management programs declining their efficiency.

Global engagements are a crucial channel for performing a significant role in the global practical world. It endows management professionals with global understanding and perspectives, worldwide business knowledge enhancing the marketability of students globally. Global engagement enriches ones global networks encouraging increased exposure, exceptional academic credentials fostering the bankability of management professionals improving their career prospects. The global engagements in management programs for students can be through various mediums like encompassing international faculties, offering students with international study tours, assisting students with international internships and placements and several other international channels. It acts as a catalyst in promoting the growth of individual’s career and obtaining global job options internationally.

Some of the distinguished B-schools conferring the students with essential international exposure/ global engagement in their programs incorporate:-
JBIMS, SP Jain, IIM’s, NMIMS, and few others to be named. Being one of the emerging b-schools, provides students with one free international study tour along with bestowing management knowledge through international faculties. Lonavala based offers premium quality of management programs along with exceptional widespread infrastructure equipped with high-tech facilities. Well-known for endowing students with maximum international exposure, it bestows students with unique facilities and opportunities inspiring accomplishment and encouraging their success graph. Though being a young institution, it is prominently known for successfully bequeathing students with placement assistance and internships pan India and internationally, enriching their global networks further sculpting their bright futures.

International exposure/ global engagement hence serve to be the fundamental characteristic of management programs facilitating students to have a clutch on the most successful career offering you career opportunities globally.