To learn from experience or go for fulltime degree program?

There is fresh rush of energy the moment we get our Bachelor’s degree program. We can hardly wait to get out into the world and be a part of the work force. While an early start of the academic career has a host of advantages like learning from hands-on experience and early retirement plans.

Likewise, pursuing a full-time higher education program like MBA also offers a range of benefits. The rigour of the program prepares one to handle the various complexities of professional life. The hard work and time management strategies learnt during a higher education program is likely to impress a prospective employer. Many job profiles require people with strong academic background. Such job opportunities only open for one with a higher academic degree will launch you into the job market with a higher salary package and better prospects.

PGDM: an edge over MBA

The moment you complete your graduation, you’ve got to answer the most dreaded question of the time: What’s next? Should you start your job hunting? Or opt for a Post Graduation program? Or pack your bags and head to the mountains?

Let’s assume, after weighing the pros and cons, you’ve zeroed in on pursuing a Post Graduation program in the field of Management. Before getting lost in the vast maze of Management Specializations, this career path divulges in two: MBA and PGDM.