The popularity of Master in Business Management (MBA) has increased tremendously. Almost every individual wants to acquire this degree. This is mainly because of 2 common reasons; first is career growth and second is high paying job. Effective management is required in all kinds of business operations. There is huge demand of MBA candidates in the corporate world. An MBA Degree gets you closer to your dream job.

Management studies are considered tough. I don’t disagree to this. But, if you work hard today, you will enjoy the sweetest fruits of success tomorrow. As the saying goes, “no gain without pain”. The hardest learning becomes simplest when it is accompanied with hard work and interest. We have seen a complete revolution of technology. Developments in Technology have raised the use of Internet far beyond anyone’s imagination. Internet has the solution to almost all our problems. You just have to type a query and the answer reaches you within few seconds. This gave birth to a new and the most loved mode of learning; Online Education. You no longer have to travel from one corner of the city to another for pursuing a course from your favorite college/university/ institute. For example; an MBA aspirant from Mumbai can apply and do the course from a university based in Pune. Extremely convenient right?

The differences between an MBA and PGDM program:
1. Nature of the program: only those management institutes can offer an MBA program which is affiliated to a University. Best example is of IIMs. They are one of the best in Management courses, yet they cannot offer an MBA degree because they are not affiliated by any university such institutes are autonomous. They offer a PGDM degree. Sometimes these institutes are approved by general regulatory bodies like AICTE.
2. Different curriculum approach: an MBA degree focuses more on the theory part. Whereas the PGDM degree is opposite of this. They focus more on the practical front.
3. PGDM degree is more Flexible: as they are offered by an autonomous institute, they don’t have to follow any university standards. It changes its curriculum and method of learning as per the changes in the industry. It prepares the students for the job market and gives them first hand industry exposure. An MBA degree is complete opposite of this. It has guidelines and university standards to follow and hence cannot change things. Making any changes in the curriculum of this program is a very slow process.
4. MBA is lighter on your pocket: if you compare both the degree programs on the basis of value for money, then MBA is a winner. Its course fees are almost similar to the university standards. Hence it is more affordable.
5. Focus: an MBA degree focuses more on the technical and theory business knowledge part. Whereas a PGDM degree will prepare you for the senior level positions in the industry and will build your path to a strong corporate career.
Choosing between MBA and PGDM program is not as important as it is to choose it from the best university/ Institute. Make your decision wisely and enrich your journey of learning.